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2598 East Sunrise Blvd, Suite 210A ~Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33304
Located at the Galleria Mall in the Regus Executive Office Complex.


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Hear from one of our patients:

Special Features of our Fort Lauderdale Chiropractic Practice

  • Fort Lauderdale ChiropractorExperience - With our experience  we encompass the full range of office procedures performed. Dr.Matrale also has a concentration in Auto/Car Accident and Personal Injury with his Fort Lauderdale Spine and Injury Center within the clinic.
  • Training - Dr. Matrale  continues to receive continuing education in his field to keep abreast of new chiropractic techniques related to his field of practice.
  • Recognition - Dr. Matrale has been recognized as an chiropractor educator to help attorneys better understand their clients cases and is listed as an expert witness chiropractor in the Fort Lauderdale area.
  • Office hours - Hours are designed to make patients feel comfortable and not rushed with time left for patient questions. See the Élan Vital Healthcare web site for detailed information, map/directions etc. Web link: Élan Vital
  • Personal Touch -We believe that patients should speak to the doctor when they call and we make every effort to answer the phone personally when available.
  • Prompt Appointments - It is our policy to schedule patients almost immediately with an office appointment, and we encourage you to do so especially if you have been involved in an auto accident or work related accident.
  • Expedited Solutions - full care services to address your particular needs including stress relief therapy, calming massage, and chiropractic adjustments, of course!
  • Reports - Dr. Matrale personally discusses your report with you as well as working jointly with your attorney if this is an auto accident case.
  • Caring - We mean it when we say ..."We are devoted to personalized attention"

The ability to spend ample time with our patients combined with our expertise gives you the most beneficial form of chiropractic care....

Fort Lauderdale Chiropractor care in a gentle caring manner

Dr. Matrale
Élan Vital Healthcare
Fort Lauderdale Spine & Injury Center

2598 East Sunrise Blvd.
Suite 210A
Ft. Lauderale, Fl. 33304
Located at Galleria Mall in the Regus Office Complex. 

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Topics covered for Dr. Matrale, Fort Lauderdale Chiropractor:
auto accident injury; neck pain; back pain relief; back pain treatment; neck injury;
chronic back pain; sciatica treatment; chiropractic care, wellness care